Our collections are moving!

The collections of the Musée d’art et d’histoire (MahN), some 150,000 objects and images whose origins range from Antiquity to today, are going to be moved. They will be held in the new conservation centre located in the Tivoli Nord complex in Neuchâtel specially constructed to house the collections of the municipality’s four museums, the Musée d’art et d’histoire, the Musée d’ethnographie, the Muséum d’histoire naturelle and the Jardin botanique.


In this way these museums will gain an appropriate site to conserve their irreplaceable collections representing an invaluable part of the city’s heritage. The physical transfer of a museum’s collections is an extremely complex operation. In this case it will require the participation of the MahN’s entire staff of experts and technicians, along with other specialists in art conservation and restoration. The coordination and planning of this project represents an enormous challenge. During the year 2024 the preparations for this move will require the pre-emption of most of the rooms on the first floor usually used for temporary exhibitions, along with many other spaces that will come to resemble a vast construction site. 


But why move the collections of the Musée d'art et d'histoire? How should such a move be organised? What are the challenges and stages involved in building the collections? The MahN answers these questions, and many others, in an information area dedicated to this vast and complex operation. This information area provides an overview, in text and images, of the preparations for the move and the various stages involved. It also gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the move, as it is right in the heart of the rooms that are now being used to process and pack the works for transport.

Our collections are moving! - teaser