As a multidisciplinary institution, the Museum is home to a very diverse range of collections. They are managed by specialist scientific staff, curators and their assistants, and other experts. The Management – which includes specialists in museology as well as general administration – supervises the academic team and is also responsible for logistics, the conservation and restoration workshop, and the photography studio.

To ensure that the infrastructure functions correctly, the Museum is also supported by a technical team which handles building work and maintenance, as well a reception team and a group of volunteers. University interns are the final element in this hierarchical structure, which is entirely dedicated to enhancing the Museum's heritage and using it to best advantage.

Executive management

Yvan Brigadoi, codirecteur et administrateur général

Chantal Lafontant Vallotton, codirectrice et responsable du pôle Histoire

Antonia Nessi, codirectrice et responsable du pôle Arts plastiques,


Scientific team

Applied Arts :

Philippe Lüscher, conservateur

Lisa Laurenti, assistante-conservatrice

Pierre-Laurent Haesler, collaborateur scientifique titulaire du clavecin Ruckers

Thierry Amstutz, démonstrateur (horloger)

Christophe von Känel, démonstrateur (horloger)


Visual Arts :

Antonia Nessi, conservatrice

Camille Jaquier, assistante-conservatrice (dessins et estampes)

Diane Antille, assistante-conservatrice (peintures et sculptures)

Lucie Girardin-Cestone, coordinatrice du projet "recherche de provenance"

Ingrid Schlager, stagiaire


History :

Chantal Lafontant Vallotton, conservatrice

Vincent Callet-Molin, assistant-conservateur

Francesca Rosi, stagiaire



Nicolas Consiglio, conservateur

Isabella Liggi Asperoni, assistante-conservatrice

Danilo Heyer, stagiaire


Conservation-restoration workshop:

Béatrice Zahnd, restauratrice d’art


General services

Administration :

Yvan Brigadoi, administrateur général

Nathalie Diso-Vom-Endt, secrétaire

Nadia Orlando Kandil, secrétaire

Maeva Hulmann, apprentie Agent en information documentaire 

Bruna Sousa, stagiaire

Joyan Calou, stagiaire



Camille Pellaux, chargé de relations publiques

Sevda Emekli, stagiaire


Photographic service :

Maciej Czepiel


Technique :

Jonas Chapuis, responsable technique des collections

Nino Giorgianni, technicien, chef adjoint (électricité et éclairage)

Tan Chen, technicien de collection

François Ducommun, technicien (peinture)

Julie Tüller, technicienne de collection

Maude Mathez, conservatrice en conservation


Reception and surveillance :

Carine Baillod, accueil et surveillance

Denis Basset, surveillance

Marc Lüscher, accueil et surveillance

Antonio Palmieri, surveillance

Thérèse Tinet, accueil et surveillance

Angélique Varrin, accueil et surveillance



Caroline Huguenin-Elie, bibliothécaire

Marie Vuarraz, bibliothécaire


Volunteers :

Sylvain Bernasconi, collaborateur pôle Arts plastiques