The MahN is a multidisciplinary museum that holds over 150,000 objects and images covering the Fine Arts, history, the applied arts and numismatics, spanning the period from antiquity to the present day. Exhibitions, publications and many loans make these collections known throughout Switzerland and beyond its borders.

The Mahn in a few figures...

The MahN's collections comprise 150,000 artistic and historical items. More specifically:

over 27,000 works of graphic art

over 2,700 paintings

over 9,500 sculptures and other objects

over 35,000 items from the Suchard Collection (posters, photographs and merchandise)

over 3,600 ceramic and glass items

over 800 portraits (paintings and drawings)

over 150 pieces of silverware and jewellery

over 6,000 medals and tools

over 14,000 coins

The Museum's inventory is completed by several tens of thousands of items from about 30 collections focusing on various themes (watchmaking, textiles, furniture, musical instruments, costumes and everyday objects).

Enhancing the Museum's heritage

The MahN's four departments take a judicious approach to enlarging the collections: consistency is one particular aim of their strategy.

Gifts are the major source of growth for the collections. The MahN ensures that all its acquisitions are of legal provenance. Ownership of the MahN's collections is non-transferable.

Nevertheless, the Museum has the option of depositing or placing items with other cultural institutions, provided that their goals comply with the statutes of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Requests for reproductions

Photographic reproductions of items in the Museum's collections can be obtained. The price for these photographs depends on their nature and purpose of use. In response to each request, a quotation will be issued for the applicant's approval. 
Use of these photographs is governed by regulations which the applicant is obliged to respect.

Rates for photographic reproductions

Due to the relocation of the Museum's entire collection, loans of objects and photographic reproductions will no longer be guaranteed for a period of at least two years. Exceptions are possible for reproductions of works that have already been digitised. This measure will take effect from March 2023.